All my pots are made without drainage holes unless otherwise requested. This is to protect bench tops and other indoor surfaces from water damage.

Plant selection

Choose plants that are low-maintenance and do not need much water. Succulents, cacti, euphorbia and air plants are perfect! 

Growth rate can vary widely from plant to plant. Slow growing plants will suit smaller pots better.


Place a layer of pebbles and/or charcoal (available at most nurseries) in the base of your planter before adding soil. This acts as a water filter. Nurseries sell a wide variety of soil types. Make sure you use soil that is suited to your plant choice. 

If you are planting multiple plants in one pot make sure they all have the same requirements for light and water.

All healthy plants will eventually need repotting as they outgrow their pot. Trim plants as needed and in spring cut back the roots and replant. 

Air plants will not need to be potted in soil. They can simply sit in the pot. 


Be careful not to overwater your plant as excess water can lead to root rot. Learn to read the signs that your plant is thirsty and only water when necessary. Neglect is often better than too much love! Giving plants a spray with a water spray bottle is usually enough for small plants, depending on the plant and climate.